Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Extra Event #1 Nanoscience

Extra Event #1
Art + Brain & Morpho Nano launch of two catalogs and book signing

          I attended an event about Art and Brain&Nanotechnology. In the session, there were several guest from Irvine and east coast talking about their understandings over art and nanotechnology. They briefly introduced their experience over nanotechnology and art in brain and then also talked about their opinions over nanoart projects. One of the idea impressed me was that art was actually promoting the technology development.  In addition, the second chapter Nanoscience in the signed book drew my attention. 

          On  the cover page of the chapter 2, there is a quote from Michelangelo saying: "A man paints with his brains not with his hands." The nanoscience deals closely with neurons and human brain structure. Through analyzing the function and the structure of human brain, artists apply the theorem of "Reductionism" in art creations. However, this theorem has sometimes be considered as a mistake since details may be emitted and therefore make the original idea distorted. 

          People often draw an analogy between human brains and computers. In nanoscience, this analogy works, too. Generally, human brains are considered as more mysterious and a more powerful thinking tool. It is self-organized and has innumerable variations and possibilities. Comparably, the utilities of computers are limited and in progress. The intrinsic characteristics of human brains thus provide innumerable inspirations for artistic creation. In addition, people mimic animals' physical structures and then create similarly structured products. For example, the network of neurons in brain can be another analogy to the internet networking.


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