Thursday, June 2, 2016

Extra Event #2 S.A.D

S.A.D - Jun. 2nd

The second extra event I attended took place on Jun. 2nd. It is about the theme - Staring in the Age of Destruction. (S.A.D) This name takes another meaning after the sad incident happened on Wednesday.
In the exhibition, I chose this art work and talked with the designer - Rofix.  His idea about this piece of work transmitted the increasing similarity of cities. He believed that as most of large cities developed, the buildings were becoming more and more alike. All of them were rectangular, high-stood, boring and no innovative designs.  By setting up the projector lightning, he exhibited the change of one day of a city - morning, afternoon, and evening. As the sun just rose, the city is lightly blue. In the afternoon, the city is of gold red and a little purple. In the evening, lights in buildings were lit.

 Rofix said that he had travelled to many cities, but found that he sometimes could not even recognize a city by its buildings. He thought that this was a form of destruction of the current era. He hoped that each city could  have its unique signature and be special to both itself and travelers.

The picture below is the photo I took with Rofix. He was very proud and careful for his work. He stood by his work during the whole exhibition and watched out on the projector and lightning.

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