Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 7 Blog

In recent periods, scientists invent new technologies such as MRI in order to observe the brain activities. Through analysis process, people can actually see how themselves feel and react to different activities. As professor Vesna introduced, we may see mysterious butterfly shape in MRI. This shape implies that there may exist a symmetrical structure inside human brains. Meanwhile, there are different forms of butterfly in MRI and thus also reflect identical mind activities. 

Delving into neuroscientific field, since each tiny neuron or each small part of brain may control an organ's function, it requires large amounts of work to mark each points in brain or each neuron. A method is called Brainbow technology. In the picture below, this technology was used to map human brain in different colors. This new technology inspired art works of mimicking human body or human mind with colors. As well, through the mapping technology, scientists and artists found many special patterns, one of them is fish larvae.

In the beginning of the lecture, Professor Vesna proposed a question, which I found really interesting, is, "Is mind control inevitable." She said yes. To some extent, I agree with her. With alcohol, people can barely control their mind. Some even try poisonous mushrooms and drugs. These chemically effective mind-blower takes control of human minds, translates humans' potential desire into dizzy or even crazy behaviors, fosters magic and unimagined world in minds. Because of the "fantastic" results that drugs can bring, many poets, musicians, artists depend on drugs to look for new inspirations for works. In the end, many of them become addicted. When chemicals may make human minds out of control, they present both good and bad outcomes. 

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