Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Event #2 Blog

Event #2

I attended the event about robotic technology and art design.
During this event, from the perspective of science and fictions in movies, the lecturer list many films like Metropolis, Frankenstein, Star War and so on. Then she mainly concentrated on the part of reality.

She introduced briefly Hanson Robotics, which are from US and move to China. As well, she discussed about the Android robot, which is just a head of Android. It is very human-like and almost indistinguishable from humans. This robot can do daily works. For example, it can help us to put the groceries away; it can be humor and tell cute jokes, like when she said that she would destroy the earth. The lecturer presented an important idea that Android's robots are not only about science and technology, but also about philosophy. This idea gives me some thoughts about the relationship between robots and human consciousness.

These are Professor Hiroshi and robot Geminoid: they look similar. The robot has skins which are really like human skin, with detailed face, on which shows pores, wrinkles and so on. The robot looks almost real. The thought this robot bring to us is that the function of the robot is doing things reversely since the professor is going to be older, but the robot will stay young forever. Hiroshi created this robot to preserve his younger time.
This is the robot Geminoid F with a real girl. There is a story about them: the girl is dying. This robot is created with some of her own organs to mimic herself. Therefore, she might still exist in the world and would not be alone after her leaving the world.

In my opinion, I think that the robot technology may eventually mistake humans selves. Recently, there is a robot answering students' email for months in George Tech University, but no student has realized its existence before acknowledged so. The new technology foster the world to seem like fictionally real, in which we human can even not distinguish the reality and the fiction. Finally, we may live in a fictional world that we create.


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