Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 8 Blog

Nanotechnology and Art

      Nanotechnology is the natural product of the new era, since we are always interested in the smaller world and now we have abilities to see it to some extent. How does it function? How does it look like? How much are we still unknown about? The nanotechnology enables people to visualize and manipulate objects which are small and were invisible for people in the past. According to Jim's video lecture, some people have not realized that they are using nanotechnology, and some others are rejecting nanotechnology in certain fields such as in food industry.

      Nanoscale is about 1-100nm. The nanotechnology works on atomic scale and make new things. According to NanoArt: Nanotechnology and Art, based on the artistic scientific process, the NanoArt creates new nanosculpture and visualizes nanosculpture. Meanwhile, nanoart has prompted new ideas of artistic interpretation of images using different artistic techniques. 


      From the perspective of molecule assembly, the two pictures above represent NE-1 and POV ray and NE-1 and Qutemol respectively (from left to right). This means that different formation process of molecules can produce different products even though they have same and equal elements.

      In addition, the application of nanotechnology in food industry is quite interesting, especially when referred to people's reactions. Some people are against the nanotechnology used in food. Their rejection to this technique is not unfounded. As Jim has implied in the lecture video, a particle on the microscopic scale may differ radically when turned into a nanoparticle or a nanoparadigm. In my opinion, the scientific road to a healthy food market with nanotechnology is going to require scientists deeply understanding the rule and carefully use nanotechnology in food after tons of safety experiments.  

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